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Pamela Reinskou is a web application developer working for VersusLaw Inc. a online legal research provider. I have been programming since 1989 and began integrating databases on web sites in 1996.

I have been working with the .NET frameworks since January 2001 and I am a member of the "ASPELITE", once under the guidence of Charles Carrol asp community list boards.

I have a business, Webpyrfect Software, where I work on web application products targeted to small businesses.

I am a Certified Internet Programmer and holds certificates in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, VB COM, Object Oriented Programming and Relational Databases.

When I am not working on the computer I garden and have been remodeling my house.

If you are looking for good lists to post questions checkout the following lists, I contribute to several of them and we have a whole raft of experts.

Another valuable resource is official asp.net community site http://www.asp.net/ and the http://www.asp.net/forums
I also belong to the Experts Echange where I was an active participant of the ASP group. The Experts Exchange is setup to award points to individuals with the best accepted answer. I participated in the .Net group in the beginning; but I found more challenges in the asp.net forums run by Charles Carrol.
While I will check out some newsgroups from time to time, I got tired of all the spam posts and stay away.

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