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Privacy Policy
Webpyrfect Software respects the privacy of our customers, and other individuals and businesses using the Web sites owned and operated by Bates Technology and its affiliates. This updated Privacy Policy effective January 4, 2004, is to keep you informed about the types of information collected on our internet sites and how the information is used and protected.

There are two types of information that may be exchanged between the Webpyrfect Software’ Sites and the user during each visit to a one of our Sites.
They are:

  1. General technical data transmitted between your computer and our Sites that does not identify you personally.
  2. Personally identifiable information that you voluntarily share. The types of personally identifiable information that you might share include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
Anonymous Information
In order to provide you with the information and services that you look for from the Webpyrfect Software Site, Webpyrfect Software gathers certain types of information from you that are not personally identifiable. This is called anonymous information and includes:
  1. The type of Internet browser you use when you visit
  2. The types of computer operating system you use
  3. The referring page or search engine (such as "AOL.com," "Yahoo.com" or "Go.com") you reached this site through.
  4. The specific area that you visit.
The anonymous information collected is not associated with you personally or your business. Webpyrfect Software uses this anonymous information in the aggregate to improve our Sites and the services we provide through those sites.

Use Of Cookies
Webpyrfect Software’ Sites may use "cookies" to collect the anonymous information described in this Privacy Policy. Cookies are bits of encrypted data that are loaded by our server onto your computer when you visit a one of our Sites. The server can retrieve the cookies the next time you visit a site and use them to identify the computer as a return visitor. Webpyrfect Software uses cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information and generically track usage patterns on the application demo parts of the sites in order to monitor activity and administer the sites. Webpyrfect Software also uses information obtained from cookies to improve our Sites. Most users can disable cookies from their Internet browsers, receive a warning before a cookie is placed on their computer, and erase all cookies from their computer hard drives by following the instructions provided by the browser.

While using this site, you have read, agree to, and have accepted our terms of use and privacy policy.