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No matter how good we are at our craft, all of us need help from time to time. Long ago I found that if I share with other developers I learn and retain more. I enjoy solving certain types of puzzles and I get a kick out of finding a solution and then expanding on that solution.

When .Net was first introduced I was fortunate to be working at Microsoft and it didn't take much to convince me of it's value so I set about learning the technology. Having a background in C C# became my language of choice. After the burst of the dot net bubble I found myself between jobs; but that gave me the opportunity to spend more time learning .Net.

After a short time I realized I had outgrown the few books that were available during that time and since I had been a member of a few ASP lists and the Experts Exchange I began to become involved in the new .Net lists that were forming. The great thing about lists is that you can lurk, find a puzzle that someone has and use it as a test case to study. Sometimes you may find the solution and post it before someone else; but usually the answer comes sooner. Then again the solutions posted may or may not be correct. So if you are a novice consider taking this road to learn and hone your skills. It pays off in many different ways.

For those of you who have been to this site before you will notice it is undergoing yet another change. Well, actually it is just morphing back to it's original purpose. I started the site to share solutions and offer code sample of the public Beta. Later A friend and I decided to do some freelance work and it morphed into a commercial site. I no longer work freelance so I am trying to get back in touch with the samples and utilities again.

At any rate please bear with me while I transition my web site back to a personal site and put away the commercialism.

Pamela Reinskou
WebPyrfect Software

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