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All code on this site has been written by Pamela Reinskou. Most of the code has been taken from real projects I have worked on over time. When I started with ASP there were no books are web sites and I remember how painful it was sometimes to figure something out. Over the last three years the community has grown and there are many great ASP sites run by professional developers, authors and teachers. I believe that by sharing code we can all grow and learn much faster. All samples are written using C# and JavaScript, there are no Visual Basic samples; but the basics are not that different between the languages.
Using the Repeater Data Grid to control layout
Retreive ADO DataSet from Access
Use ADO to insert a record into Access database
Retreive SQL DataSet from SQL Server using sproc
Use SQLDataCommand and sproc to insert new record into SQL Server
Using a CheckBoxList to obtain multiple values

C# Language
Using TimeSpan in C#
Custom isDate method in C#

Using pre .Net Components in .Net
Ole Automation of Visual Source Safe Part I

Client & Server combined
DHTML-TextArea Character Counter
Add / Remove List Box Sample

Prefill a client control and pass value to server
Simple chart sample
Multicolumn DropDown List with Value field

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